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Mortgage Specialist
Bo Crenshaw

315 E Martintown Rd
North Augusta, SC 29841
Fax : 803.442.2117

NMLS #: 466363

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How to Get a Loan


Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, the first step for acquiring your loan is to complete Security Federal Bank’s mortgage application.  If you need pre-qualification for a purchase, this may be done prior to selecting a property or having a seller contract in-hand.
Choose one of the following to get started:

STEP ONE --- Apply Now! 

(1) Apply securely online by clicking on GO under APPLY NOW.


(2) Click on Printable Forms(BELOW) to complete a Loan Application. Print out and fax to your mortgage specialist.  


(3) Call my number during regular business hours and begin the application process in person. 


STEP TWO--- Receive personalized attention

Regardless of how you begin the process, I will personally follow-up to provide further assistance with the origination of your loan.  I will provide current rate information, pull credit when authorized, discuss eligibility requirements for specific mortgage programs, and offer an array of options that will help you determine the best loan to suit your needs. This service may be completed in person or over the phone.

STEP THREE ---Allow time for Processing and Underwriting

Having worked with you to select the optimum loan program for your needs, my team will begin processing and underwriting your loan, as soon as you are ready to move forward.  You will be engaged in this process by providing the necessary documentation (Click on Mortgage Checklist - BELOW) to support underwriting. I will also help you lock-in a competitive market rate, and order an appraisal.

STEP FOUR---Loan Approval and Funding

Once your loan is underwritten, a closing may be scheduled with the Attorney of your choice.  I will let you know what qualified funds, if any, are required for closing.  We’ll coordinate directly with your Attorney to make sure the loan documents are ready for signature on the day of closing.

By making the loan process as simple and straight forward as possible, you can enjoy the benefit without the headache!



Bo Crenshaw NMLS #466363
Security Federal Bank NMLS #456430
315 East Martintown Road , North Augusta, SC  29841
Direct:  (803) 442-2110
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